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1. Bennett angle set to 15° suitable for obtaining an average value.
2. Protrusion with downward inclination from 0 to 1-1.5 or 2 millimetres with maximum protrusive distance of up to 9 millimetres.
3. Retrusion, the reverse of protrusion up to the bottom stops.
4. Left and right lateral movements with downward excursion from 0 to 1- 1.5 - 2 millimetres up to a maximum lateral excursion of 9 millimetres.
5. Application of 3 control pins for determining the entire occlusal plane and improved control to verify with more certainty that contact between the upper and lower diatoric teeth is perfectly synchronised. During the initial stage of prosthetic construction, the technician can also remove the front pin without losing the vertical dimension.
The construction, modelling or application of the upper and lower incisor teeth can therefore be seen more precisely.
After doing this, the technician can put the central pin back into position and check the applied elements.
6. Indicates the incisal point (height adjustable) by way of opening screw and clamp.
7. Two plates under the rear pins (flat).
8. 13 degree incisal plate.
9. The four physiological movements are controlled by light pressure of the fingers in a single alternate or simultaneous front track placed at the bottom of the two lower jaw support pins and regulated by smooth movement on balls and two telescopic cylinders that control the track up to a maximum length of 9 mm. The following are obtained for each movement - protrusion, retrusion, left and right lateral excursion up to construction of the STOPs. .

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